Best Free PowerPoint SWOT analysis templates in 2019

If you are looking for PowerPoint templates to build your SWOT analysis on top – here is a list of the best among them.

SWOT analysis can be used to clarify good/bad aspects of a business, of a professional career and even of your personal life. It clearly separates the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the object being analysed. If you want to learn more about SWOT, I recommend you to start with this article: “What is a SWOT Analysis?“.

General business template for PowerPoint

This is a general multipurpose business theme built by us. Even though it’s not a SWOT Analysis only template, you could use these slides to create your own SWOT presentation

▶︎ Download this template

Corporate PowerPoint package + SWOT slides

This is a full featured corporate pptx presentation, which hash a gorgeous slide dedicated to SWOT Analysis.

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SWOT Analysis Matrix PowerPoint template

This is a simple and objective SWOT Analysis Matrix template for PowerPoint with 2 slides: one light and one dark themed.

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Material Design SWOT Analysis Template

As the name suggests, this SWOT template is based on material design. Although I personally disagree that this template is material styled, I still find it very clean and objective. It is also a free template.

▶︎ Download this template

Business Process SWOT Template

Clean, professional and 100% free SWOT PowerPoint template. If you need to build a quick and objective SWOT analysis, this slide template will surely be a great fit.

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6 SWOT PowerPoint slide pack

When I first saw this template, I was just like “WOW!”. The design is very clean and evergreen – that means, that this design will never come out of style, no matter the design tendencies.

This is one of the best free SWOT ppt templates that I found. Actually it competed with some premium templates as well. Every element of a SWOT analysis is clearly outlined in each one of all 6 slides.

▶︎ Download this template

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