Best Infographic PowerPoint templates in 2019

Infographics are a great way to share objective information and data. So, if you want to make a presentation and get lots of balleyes, I strongly recommend to start with an infographic presentation. In this post, you will also find gantt chart templates – that can be added in you infographics.

Data driven slides

So you need to display some pie charts, line charts in your presentation? This 6 slide pptx presentation is just what you are looking for:

▶︎ Download this pptx template

Abstract 3D Hexagonal Infographics

Very clean and beautiful infographic template for PowerPoint. It is composed by 5 customizable slides.

▶︎Download this template

Four Steps Circular Badge PowerPoint Infographics

▶︎Download this template

15 Free Infographic Templates in Powerpoint

This is a great collection of infographic templates in PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator. First you have to fill a form to download these templates (and I think it totally worth it).

▶︎ Download these templates

Gantt Chart PPTX template

A Gantt chart is used to plan medium to long term projects. With a Gantt chart, we can have a visual understanding of each step of our project: some step overlap, and other steps may depend on the completion of the previous.

This Gantt chart template is designed with PowerPoint and is available in PPTX format. The presentation is very clean and professional.

▶︎Download Gantt chart template

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